Drop Camp

DROP CAMP Into the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

We will pack all of your fishing, rafting, and camping gear into the Bob for you. You can choose to ride one of our horses along with us or hike in and meet your gear at the river.

2018 Prices

Riding Horse — $200
Pack Stock — $275
Packer — $375

Extra Information

Each pack animal can have a total of 75# per side (or less) but each side must be equal (150# max per animal).
If you exceed 8 head of stock we must add an additional packer. If you exceed 16 head of stock it will be a total of 3 packers, etc. (1 packer / 8 head of stock)
*Rates are for trips leaving from Holland Lake Trailhead (Owl Creek Packer Camp) to the South Fork of the Flathead River (at the mouth of Gordon Creek)
**From any other trailhead into the Bob Marshall (other than Owl Creek Packer Camp), there is an additional charge of $15 per animal and packer.


You will need to meet us at the trailhead the morning of your trip (around 7:00 AM) OR the evening before your trip. (You can also bring your gear to our house 1-2 days before your trip.)