Bob Marshall Legacy Outfitters Policies, Contracts & Waivers

Our hunting, pack trip/fishing, and drop camp contracts and waivers are located below. Please fill out the forms and mail them back to Bob Marshall Legacy Outfitters, 30892 Eagle Pass Trail, Charlo, MT 59824 or email at

Payment Policies 

Hunting – Booking Deposit of $1,000 to be paid after a date is agreed upon, to confirm and reserve date.

                  1st Payment of 50% is due by April 25th (year of the hunt).

                  Remaining balance due September 1st (year of the hunt).

Drop/Pack Trip/Fishing – 50% of the total cost of trip to be paid at time of booking to confirm date.

                                               50% due at trailhead the day trip is scheduled to leave.

Credit cards and checks are accepted for all deposit payment (and 1st Payment for hunts).

Cashiers checks and cash are accepted for payments due at trailhead.

RESERVATION: We require a $1000.00 deposit per hunter to confirm the dates. We will not consider your hunt dates confirmed until we receive your deposit even though we may have agreed upon dates.

REFUND POLICY: Deposits are nonrefundable. The only exception being if you did not draw a Montana license through NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN. If you are unsuccessful in in drawing a license, you may 1.) Transfer your deposit to the following year only by making reservations with us for the next season. 2.) Request a refund of the Booking Deposit. You will receive your refund with-in 60 days if you do not choose to roll it over to the next year. Once a deposit is paid and a Montana license is issued, you are responsible for the entire cost of the hunt and your travel plans. There are absolutely NO refunds on any payments received. No rate reductions or extra days will be given if hunters leave before the conclusion of their hunt or fail to arrive at the prearranged dates.

CANCELLATION POLICY: There will be NO refund of the deposit or payments received once payments have been made as we cannot refill the space. We strongly recommend you purchase Adventure Travel Insurance in case something comes up and you have to cancel your hunt with us.

You can compare Adventure Travel Insurance Plans at or by clicking on the blue icon


Below are our booking forms for hunts, fishing, and pack trips. Please fill out your information on the trip you are interested in and mail or email it back to us!

Pack Trip Booking Form

Hunt Booking Form

Fishing Booking Form